Chief Allen Davis

Whitewater Rafting


My planning period is during 2nd block each day (10:05 - 11:30).
If you would like to meet or discuss a cadet, my planning period is the best time.
The best way to contact me is via email.  I check email regularly during the day and will usually respond the same day.  However, I am available for any calls at the above number.

 Upcoming Events

23 Feb - Brain Brawl Loudon HS
26 Feb - Family Fitness Night (Fairview Elementary School)
2 Mar - First Year Drill Meet (Volunteer HS)
7 Mar - Oak Ridge HS Drill Meet
13 Mar - AMI Off Site
18-22 Mar - Spring Break Orientation Trip (Cherry Point, NC)
30 Mar - Maverick Orienteering Match
13 Apr - Vanderbilt University Drill Meet
18 Apr - Student Spotlight
3 May - Navy Ball Awards Ceremony
17 May - Teachers vs. Students Softball Game (In School)
19 May - ACHS Graduation
26 May - 1 Jun - High Adventure Camp, Rockwood, TN

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