Mr. Daniel Sexton

Social Studies/ Assistant Girls Basketball Coach

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Subjects Taught

Daniel Sexton-Government
Plan Time - 4th Block 2:20-3:45

Syllabus for Government
  • Overview 
    • United States Government is a required course for graduation. Each
      senior must pass one nine weeks of U.S. Government in order to
    • U.S. Government is an in-depth study of the American political system.
    • This course focuses on the foundation, principles, and structure of the American system of government.
    • Examines the role of political parties, social factors as they relate to the role of the citizen, and analyzes the decision-making process that is a part of the system of American political behavior.
    • In this class we will cover federalism, separation of powers, adoption of the Constitution, political ideologies, political parties and elections, interest groups, institutions and policy processes and civil liberties and civil rights.
  • Units of Study
    • Unit I - Important American Documents
    • Unit II – Bill of Rights
    • Unit III – The Legislative Branch
    • Unit IV – The Executive Branch
    • Unit V – The Judicial Branch
    • Unit VI – State and Local Government


I received my B.S. in Education from Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN.

I  received my  Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, TN.

I received my Educational Specialist Degree in Superintendency from Arkansas State University.



I have been teaching at A.C.H.S. for the last eleven years. I have taught World History, World Geography, Skills for Success and Government/Economics. I currently teach Government and Economics to seniors here at AC.