Dr. Lori Price
Lori Priceā€‹ 

Welcome to my class. I teach English, the Bible, and am the sponsor of the Environmental Club. I look forward to meeting you and am always available at my classroom during my plan between 12:00 AND 1:00 AND through email. Please Email Me at lprice@acs.ac for more information!

For information about our trip to Italy and Greece, please go: here

Here is the summer reading list for all grades and classes:
ā€‹ACHS Summer Reading 2016-17.pdf

-- All incoming Freshmen and Freshman Honors: Your reading list is in the PDF above. Choose one novel and complete the following assignment(s), found here (Honors, scroll to the second page for information regarding "The Old Man and the Sea"): ACHS English I Summer Reading Amazon and Honors Assignment.pdf

-- All Sophomores: You will take an in-class test over your novel on the first Friday of class. It would be a good idea to annotate (take notes) as you read.
-- All Sophomore Honors: The following attachment contains the assignments for Sophomore Honors: 10th Grade Honors Summer Reading Assignments 16-17.pdf

-- All Juniors: You will be completing a blog within the first two weeks of the new semester (depending upon when you have your English class). Click the following link for your assignment: ACHS English III Summer Reading Blog Project.pdf

ACHS Environmental Club
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