Art I

Visual Art 1


This is an introduction to the world of fine arts. Students learn the basics of visual design and art history. We study a variety of artists ranging from the medieval period to modern. This course heavily focuses on drawing but we also explore as many mediums as possible. This is a freshman class.

Some things we might do:

Drawing: Learn a variety of drawing skills and techniques. Create several drawings implementing your skills including still lifes, portraits, abstract, and  human proportions.

Painting: Explore the history and techniques of painting. Experiment with tempera, watercolor, and acrylics.

Paper mache: Learn about the history and use of paper mache. Design and create a paper mache sculpture.

Handbuilding: Learn about the history and importance of ceramics in East Tennessee and in the art world. Design and create ceramic sculptures.

Art History: Study and discuss different types of art and artists through out Western history.